April 2012 Clojure News

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April News    slide

Playing with other languages    slide

  • clojure-py
    "An implementation of Clojure in pure Python"
  • Cloby
    "A Clojure Ref/STM plugin for JRuby." Not new, but I just saw this.

New Libraries    slide

  • Clojurewerkz Mailer
    "An ActionMailer-inspired mailer library. Combines Postal, Clostache, some conventions and support for multiple delivery modes"
  • Clauth
    "OAuth 2 based simple authentication system for Clojure Ring"
  • Lobos
    "Lobos is a library to help you create and modify database schemas using Clojure code."
  • Misaki
    "Jekyll inspired static site generator in Clojure"

Other new Projects    slide

Talks and articles    slide

Instruction    slide

The End    slide

  • org-HTML-slideshow
    Library to turn org-mode HTML exports into presentations. Written in ClojureScript.

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